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We strategically partner with you to craft and communicate a compelling story, transforming that story into a brand that connects with customers and drives engagement. 

Marketing Funnel Development

There's a lot of talk these days about funnels or pipelines in sales and marketing. These are new terms for old concepts. As always, customers have to pass through a series of stages before they make a purchase: Awareness, Interest and Consideration, at the least.  A Marketing Funnel is designed to ensure that you always have a steady flow of prospects at each stage.

Your funnel is all about building trust.

Your prospects are looking to learn who you are and what you stand for. We'll help you understand the funnel stages, and how to increase engagement at each one with messages that reflect your company's values and strengths. Each company's funnel is unique, and yours will be designed to drive new opportunities your way.

Not sure where to get started?

No worries. That happens. Try downloading our Marketing Jumpstart worksheet. It's designed to get the creative juices flowing. 

Marketing Plan Development for DIY Marketers

Interested in do-it-yourself marketing?


Excellent - you got this!


To get you started, we'll develop a plan for you to follow. Your marketing plan will include target audience identification, industry and geographic research, and platform suggestions. You'll get a specific list of actions to take, along with timeline and content suggestions.

Once you start implementing the plan, our Marketing Specialist is available to coach you through it. Set up a regular meeting - once a week, once a month, or twice a month - to get feedback on what you've accomplished and tips for moving forward.

Website Creation

Yes, even in today's world, you need a website. Social Media has it's place, but your website is your virtual store-front. It's the one-stop place for all things the customer wants to know about you - where you are, what you do, how to reach you, and more. Websites lend legitimacy - customers are more likely to trust a company that has a website. In fact, 30% of consumers won't consider a business without one (source:

We use a popular website builder tool - - to build a website that you'll be able to easily maintain without any special skills. You'll have a clean, modern website that gives customers all the information they're looking for.


Search Engine Optimization is a cornerstone of your marketing plan. Most people will google before they buy. If they don't find you, they'll find your competitors. You've got to be in the same space they are.

Having an engaging website is a great start. To maximize SEO, your website needs to target key words and phrases that customers will search, and utilize them effectively on your page.  If you've already got a website, we'll update it to make sure your customers can find you, while also giving it a make-over to ensure the user has a great experience on your site.

Content Writing

To be effective, you need regular updates to your social media accounts and your blog. Audiences are drawn to a well-crafted story that shows how you and your product or service fit into their lives.


Tired of constantly thinking up new things to say? We will learn your company's unique voice and style, and write content for you. Blogs are important too, establishing you as a trusted expert in your field while also boosting SEO.  If you're struggling to keep up with your blog (and honestly, aren't we all?), we can help out with ghost-writing or co-writing services.

#hashtags an important way to draw attention to your posts. But which should you use? We'll analyze your business and suggest the best hashtags to use, along with suggestions on how many you should be using on each post.

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