Made to Thrive was born from a passion for excellence in business, from sales and customer service, to management and overall leadership.  


We are invested in our clients’ success, and focused on providing results. It's our belief that the best organizations in the world hire great people and then work to inspire them, creating teams that are motivated to do their best while propelling their company toward achieving goals and becoming leaders within their industry.  


At Thrive, we start by getting to know our clients and the uniqueness of your organization. Combined with our experience and what we've learned about you, we create an approach to consulting, coaching and training based on your goals, objectives and desired outcomes.





Kirsten Smith, founder of Made to Thrive Consulting, has over 30 years Business Development and Management experience with small and large organizations alike, including those listed among the Fortune 500. As a management professional with 20+ years working as a Manager of Sales & Marketing and then filling the role as Director of Business Development of an international organization, she is well positioned to lead the team at Thrive to help you succeed. 


Considered both a business professional and motivational speaker, Kirsten covers a range of topics including leadership, selling with integrity, customer service excellence, and personality profiling. Her desire to serve the community and inspire people in the workplace (and in life) drive her to share with her audience stories, examples and encouragement to empower the listener to step out of their comfort zone and embrace life with passion, driving peak performance and enabling them to thrive in challenging environments.

Kirsten can be reached at KSmith@ThriveDrive.vision or (603) 818-9258.




Kimberlee Martin, Communications and Marketing Strategist for Made to Thrive consulting, has over 25 years of business experience, working with dozens of clients across a range of industries. Kim's background is in IT, where she spent several years designing, developing and implementing custom software solutions. In that capacity, she learned that the key to a successful software package is effective communication between the software and the users. This led to a burgeoning interest in the field of communications.

That interest took Kim back to school to earn a second college degree: a Bachelor's in Communications, with a focus on professional communications. There she discovered her passion for marketing, and an affinity for working with small businesses. Kim believes that small businesses are the key to a satisfying work-life balance. She is an eco-warrior and specializes in working with "re-businesses": those that focus on reducing, reusing, re-purposing or repairing. When not working, Kim is a avid kayaker and rabid dog lover (pun intended!).

Kim can be reached at kMartin@ThriveDrive.vision or (978) 582-9550.




I highly recommend Kirsten and her business. Consummate professional, laser focused, results oriented, and thoughtful are all excellent ways to describe Kirsten and her approach at Made to Thrive Consulting. 

Over the past two years working together I have watched her to empower my team to become more self-aware and gain clarity on how they fit into the company, while at the same time maximizing individual happiness and increasing productivity within the organization. Kirsten often says “It does not matter what I SAY – it matters what you HEAR”. I had underestimated the need for organizational clarity. Working with Kirsten has demonstrated the power of all players on the team going in the same direction.


Change is hard (especially when things have been done the same way for long periods of time), but she works with you to strategize how to best prepare, equip, and support employees to change in a way that drives success and outcomes. Her approach is multi-faceted, but will incorporate your vision to work toward the results you are looking for.


In short, if you’re looking to fix, tweak, grow, change, adapt, or simply keep moving you want Kirsten on your team. Hire her and do so before someone else does.

Justin D. Tousignant

President, Black Bear Coatings & Concrete

Kim has done a great job not only setting our firm up with a marketing plan, but also walking me through it so that I understand and can stand on my own feet.

Taylor Venturi

Marketing, Robert Calzini, CPA

Kirsten is very good at seeing different personalities and moving the meetings where they need to go. With EOS she knows the process extremely well and drives the EOS model flawlessly.

Greg Cole

President, Cole Landscaping, Inc.

Kim is a pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable, flexible, and does a good job understanding business and functional requirements.

Cheryn Bastable

Marketing Manager, Philips Healthcare

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We have worked with Kirsten Smith for about 10 years, first while she was the Director of Business Development with a partner of ours, and for the past 2+ years as the owner of Made to Thrive Consulting. 


We have found Kirsten to be an excellent partner, providing professional skills development and Microsoft office training for our clients.  Her customer service skills are on point, and we never doubt her professionalism and integrity.  Time and again we have received outstanding feedback from clients who have been very happy with the training that she has provided.  Her student evaluations come back with an average of an 8.4 out of 9, with comments including:

“Engaging, lively, educational.  Made it easy to participate.”

“Energetic and to the point presentation of topics.”

“Very good instructor, great at presenting and delivering material.”

“The hands-on examples were fantastic and really got the point across.  The flow of the class really made the day go by fast.  Hands-on activities and direct questions for all employees were included, with activities to get us to learn.”

We are pleased to highly recommend Kirsten as a trainer or consultant to help your business thrive.  She’s been a great asset to our organization. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office at (888) 336-1134 if you have any questions or need further information.

Angelo Scangas

President, Quality Support Group

Kirsten tailored her consultant work to exactly what we needed. It was in no way a canned program. She listened intently and kept adjusting as we needed. We greatly appreciate the wise perspective and practical solutions that Kirsten brought to our team.

Kelly Wilcox

Clearway Clinic

In 2002, Sunil Wadhwani, CEO and Co-Founder of iGATE Corporation, was asked to list the keys to his success. At the top of his list; "Hire the best people you can." 

And that certainly describes Ms. Kirsten Smith. I've been acquainted with Ms. Smith since 2005, regularly interacting with her through NQA, USA. With outstanding communication skills, Ms. Smith possesses a unique ability to relate with people on a wide range of levels. Her upbeat, outgoing and friendly demeanor naturally helps every customer feel at ease and receptive. Ms. Smith's attention to detail and consistent commitment to quality makes every customer feel they are special and most important.

Always focused on a “results oriented” approach toward business, Ms. Smith easily responds to greatly varying situations and circumstances with all the finesse and grace that one would expect from a veteran sales professional. Her ability to quickly think “out-of-the-box” coupled with her ability to take decisive action make Ms. Smith a valuable resource for any organization. 


​Having witnessed Ms. Smith's ability in her role as Director of Business Development for NQA, USA, I would strongly recommend any organization to consider Ms. Smith a natural choice for training or coaching their sales force, customer support & customer experience personnel.


 Richard C. Randall

 Management Consultant, Quality Auditor, Author & Life Coach



Kirsten was the lead Sales and Marketing manager at one of the business units that reported to me. In this capacity, Kirsten did a fantastic job implementing sales and marketing strategies and plans that drove top line growth for the organization. She has an infectious personality that generates positive energy and excitement. I highly recommend Kirsten as a leader and change agent. 


Dwight Moore
President - Echelon Partners

I know Kirsten from her Director of Business Development role at National Quality Assurance. They have experienced phenomenal growth during her tenure. Every time that I contacted her for information or support, she was quick to respond and always in a cheerful manner. I’ve also seen her give several presentations to large groups. She is an engaging and entertaining speaker. I highly recommend her.

Larry Whittington
President of Whittington & Associates, LLC

QSC Group LLC (Quality Systems Consulting Group) has worked with Kirsten for years in her role as Director of Business Development at NQA (National Quality Assurance). She has proven to us that she possesses excellent customer service care and skills, which mean so much for QSC Group. We have found we could trust and rely on Kirsten to quickly respond and assist as needed whenever we requested her assistance. QSC Group LLC will continue to enlist Kirsten’s assistance to improve our business and we highly recommend Kirsten and Made To Thrive Consulting LLC.


      Bill Goss
      President President & Senior Consultant – QSC Group LLC of Newburyport, MA